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SimpleDESIGNER for Members Summary

Upgrade your TRAINER or AtoZ level membership with SimpleDESIGNER !

This new add-on to your CorelDRAW 2023 or 2024 will massively streamline your entire DESIGN process with the Graphics & Shortcuts you need!

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Current CorelTRAINER members can add SimpleDESIGNER to their membership for only 499 bux!
Much like free updates to your TRAINER; in the form of training resources, videos etc. Your DESIGNER will update for as long as you’re a member with New Templates, Clipart, Shortcuts, Color Swapping features, Overlays, Product Blanks, Proposal Forms etc. that you will grow with & absolutely love… PLUS we have tons more ideas for new features to come!

Our art library includes over 1200 graphics, many from *Great Dane Graphics & Stahls USA, while most of our blank products come from our partnership with SanMAR USA! Of course, just like the clipart, templates, & your client’s logo, you can import all the other images, graphics, & products you want… Simply!


It works with  ANY  CorelDRAW file from your customers, logos, clipart, or templates! Even those from other companies! SimpleDEISGNER just scans & analyzes the art that you bring in, identifying text areas, colors, & grouped objects… so that you can easily exchange, swap colors, name-drop text, generate proposals & more! Put your old templates back in Action! Creating new Smart Designs from old layouts…

*You may need to just ungroup or group certain portions of your old art, to make sure that SimpleDESIGNER can find what it needs to help you Simply DESIGN. Your fonts may need to be imported too, but that’s about it!


Though CorelTRAINER remains CorelDRAW 2019 *& newer* compatible, SimpleDESIGNER does require a Corel version 2023 or newer.

Add SimpleDESIGNER to your shopping cart, & CorelDRAW 2024 license(s) (discounted) if you need it, & check out… You’ll get an email with instructions, links, & new serial number(s). You will also be able to download DESIGNER from the ‘Downloads’ section of your Dashboard when logged into

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Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $499.00.
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