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Impression Magazine – Quick Art VS Logo Build

Do not waste time with clients. Do not give away your hard-earned artwork, concepts, designs etc for free.

Printwear Magazine – How To: Setup Art for Vinyl

Several ideal vector techniques to streamline your cutting shop, plus impress clients with cool concepts.

Decorate Apparel Magazine – Don’t Mess with the Mouse!

Be careful when using specific brands id’s etc.

Impressions Magazine – Making Dull Graphics Dynamic

-Design Techniques to Improve & Impress Read online at:...

Impressions Magazine – Skillset Differences for Designers

An Imprint Industry Designer Skillset Differences for Designers

How to Use Corel Trainer 2.0

This video shows how to use your awesome new Corel Trainer 2.0 plug-in software. copyright 2021Take the next step in your business' capabilities by bringing graphics, and client artwork, to the next level. ANYONE in your business can AND WILL Learn Corel Inside Corel...

Corel Trainer 2.0 Installation Instructions

Follow these simple steps to install your Corel Trainer 2.0 plug-in software (copyright). Thanks for being a Member!

Graphics Pro Magazine – Finding Clipart Online

This detailed article explains search tools, techniques & the Pros to Cons about finding quality images on the internet.