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Our company is proud to finally give the Imprint Industry its first real resource for relevant education. Professional Graphic Designers make up a very small portion of our industry, while our art needs are more specific than a formal art school often provides. Relating your shop’s art needs directly to business-building practices is what our Memberships are all about.

Every course is presented from a business perspective using methods proven to be successful. Whether you have years of experience under your belt or you are just getting started in the imprinting industry, Corel Trainer has got you covered. 


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“Your videos are well made and I’ve already found tips on the beginner videos, Thank you,” -Patti B, Busy Bee

“Hey Clay B. it is awesome to see that you have come up with an idea or two to help those of us in the imprint industry that are using Corel Products as their artistic platform. I met Clay B. afew years back when I was looking at artwork at a show. I noticed that this young man talking with me seemed to really care about my questions and needs. Well long story short that over the years we have become friends, yes I am also a client of because you can never stop learning and Clay B. has alot of knowledge to send our way to help make us better as well as more confident at what we do.” -Martin Shaffer, Pinks Creations

“These were the magic words!!!… That was the issue/problem! I’ve been in business for 27 years and am forever frustrated with graphics programs and technology!! I’m not afraid of it…there’s just too much to have to learn. What you just showed me was worth all the money I will every pay you for the Corel Trainer membership!! Thank you SO much!” -Sheri Chodosh, Central Coast Silkscreen

“We’ve got twice the value out of Clay’s training website than any other. More companies need to work with for their education” -Nick Vona, Embroidery2

“Thank you very much for your time, I have found the videos incredibly clear coming in as someone completely new to this type of software and hardly understanding what a vector was to now where I feel I have a decently in-depth understanding of the basics and the a lot of the tools in Corel Draw. I have enjoyed the videos greatly, and am excited to see what is revealed in the intermediate level classes.” -Mabel Patrick, Upside Prints

“I’ve been using Corel Draw for about 9 years. When I started watching Corel Trainer’s videos I started with the beginner series videos. In the first video I learned tricks and tips that have been amazing time savers as well as things I did not know Corel Draw would do. Every video I have watched I have learned something that has helped streamline my time working on designs. The videos are well put together, they are very clear and easy to fallow. Most of the videos are short very targeted on a specific subject. This makes it very easy to find a few minutes each day to watch one or two videos without cutting into the days work. Clay has also helped in so many other ways from helping with designs, fixing problems with my Corel program, to even helping recommended a computer upgrade. I would highly recommend to anyone that uses Corel Draw no matter your experience level” -Jeff Holder, The Twisted Turtle

“Been learning ALOT on your website and I know my time on some things has been reduced quite a bit” -Andy, Wisconsin Graphics

We are always happy to help. Email with any questions.