New Computer Set-up


Corel Trainer will set-up your new computer for you!

Have us order, install, organize, and optimize your new computer…

Order, or have Corel Trainer do so for you, a new computer or laptop for us to install your software on. We'll set-up, optimize, & install your purchased software from Corel corporation / Corel Trainer. Initial computer set-up can be aggravating and confusing. Have us do so for you. After an initial phone consultation, we'll determine which computer will best fit your needs, then have you ship it to us for set-up. Or we can purchase it for you, for its cost plus an additional shipping fee. We will:

-install your CorelDRAW, if purchased from us (or serial number provided)

-install your Corel Trainer plug-in© software

-set-up your Corel Workspace

-optimize your CorelDRAW for industry use

-optimize your Windows computer for industry use

-download & install preferred internet browser(s)

-some additional installations & help can be added for an additional fee, depending on time

Members; Instructions for much of the above, including computer recommendations, can be found in your 'Training Courses'. Corel Trainer simply offers this service to do it all for you.

A-Z Level Membership is required for Corel Trainer plug-in software.  Questions?:

*New computer not included (obviously). *Does not include shipping.

By purchasing this service you understand that Corel Trainer does not waranty the computer / hardware itself, and is not responsible for broken or malfunctioning equipement. Corel Trainer is not a computer technician, and only offers this service as a courtesy to industry professionals. Shipping insurance is usually included.