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This video shows how the snap-to feature in CorelDraw works, with the program assuming you want a particular object in a particular place. This is helpful to some, but annoying to others, and the snap-to positions do not always look right to the human eye, so this video shows how to turn the feature on or off, both in the Options menu and with the alt-z shortcut. It also shows how to adjust the closeness the program assumes when you’re placing an object in a snap-to position. For those who do choose to turn this feature off, the video goes over the align and distribute functions, which can be used in place of snap-to to align elements left, right, center, top, bottom, horizontally, and vertically.


  • Align, distribute, center, place, side, edge, horizontal, vertical, exact, placement, select, top, bottom, straight, corner, move, assume, assumptions, position, alt, z, attach, connect, on, center, centered, default, left, right, space, spaced, out, snap