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 Much different than previous “CorelDRAW AtoZ classes, this mostly So-Cal class really wanted to spend time on node editing and specific Corel tools. The Smart Fill Tool, The Shape Tool, Selecting & Layering options, as well as color adjustment options were gone over to some extent. Questions about vector vs digital images with see-through pieces, transparencies, or non-existent parts. The Interactive Fill Tool vs the Transparency Tool. Blending colors to nothing-ness and punching layers through photos.


Beginners need to at least start to think in layers. What’s on top of what? Why?

CorelDRAW settings and customizations

Some tracing techniquies as well as drawing functions such as the smart fill tool

Grouping, Layering, Breaking, Envelopes and Kerning or Spacing

Great mostly beginner class. Focus subjects were Node editing, Shaping, Layers, & many under-utilized tools