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This video shows how the contour tool works in CorelDraw. A great deal of production processes require an offset or inset outline or edge around artwork. The contour tool easily produces an adjustable and editable outline or cut line outside or inside your graphic(s). Ideal, and often mandatory with cut & print processes, the contour tool can also be applicable in different design processes. Multiple steps of outlines can also be created. Underbase, choke and spread, for screen printing, it can also apply to white edges for DTG direct to garment printing. Use this tool in conjunction with your Outlining options, as well as converting outline to object (Ctrl+Shft+Q).

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  • offset, outline, inline, line, step, edge, repeat, under, underbase, white, choke, spread, spreed, contour, cut, cutting, hairline, send, space, spacing, flash, base