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This video shows how to use the Common Shapes Tool to create fundamental shapes without manually using line and drawing tools, which have the advantage of additional intelligent attributes and features that can be adjusted with the object’s nodes and in the property bar. These basic shapes include banners, call out boxes or speech/thought bubbles, arrows, happy faces or smiley faces, rainbows, hearts, lightning bolts, triangles, droplets, plus sign, explosion or burst, flowchart shapes, and more. The video demonstrates examples of the intelligent attributes on some of theses shapes, such as special colored nodes that allow for intelligent adjustments custom to the specific shape.


  • Shape, shapes, talk, call, out, bubble, basic, arrow, happy, face, smile, call, talk, speak, bubble, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, sides, sided, rainbow, banner, heart, lightning, triangle, droplet, plus, frame, sphere, explosion, registration, marks, mark, draw, picture, flowchart, callout, arrow, flow, flowchart, banner