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Every imprinter needs to know at least the basics of taking a digital image and converting it into a vector format. From JPEG to SVG. From PNG to EPS. Our client’s artwork is rarely production-ready, while the most common necessity is to vectorize it. This is the first of many classes on the subject of “vectorizing”. Many longer & live courses include this subject as well. Start this concept with “Finding quality graphics”, learn it through several courses, demonstrations, and self-practices… then end this concept by eventually leaning to “Just re-draw it”. Introduction to Corel PowerTRACE. First, beginner class on how to get a decent vector result from a digital image, jpeg png etc.

How To Layout Art for Tracing in CorelDRAW.

How To Vectorize a Digital graphic in CorelDRAW.

How To Understand Bitmaps in CorelDRAW.

How To Trace a Bitmap in CorelDRAW.

How To See Digital Images in CorelDRAW.