World governments have reacted to a new version of the flu by forcing a halt to most forms of free commerce. China’s development & poor handling of this new virus has created a great deal of fear, & the opportunity for huge ruling-class power gains. This class was presented online in lieu of trade-show events, mandated canceled. 2 of 2.

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There is always more to learn about Bitmap Vector Tracing, and converting a digital image/bitmap to a vector line-art image. Production quality is incredibly important. Stay up-to-date with the newer features & options of the newer versions of Corel. Version 2020 has several improvements to Corel PowerTRACE.

How to work with designs art and logos through a computer instead of live.

How to work through a local logo for simple vector results and imprinting.

How to try to learn online when a live class is what you need.

How to absorb information through a screen instead of in person.

How to perform bitmap tracing without real questions and students asking or directing the class.