Corel Trainer plug-in© software


Learn Corel Inside Corel! REQUIRES A to Z Certification Membership

Corel Trainer plug-in© software walks you through 26 A to Z exclusive training courses, plus access all of your Certification Level Membership classes & recordings from right inside your Corel! Get Certified as an A to Z Imprinter, access our Anytime Anything Answers support and watch Live recorded classes from all around North America…This software is included FREE with Certification Level membership


REQUIRES A to Z Certification Membership

FREE w/ Membership. *Purchase the Certification Level Membership to get this software at no charge (download after checkout).

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Access 26 A to Z training courses, exclusive to the software and your Certification Level Membership. Complete classes with follow-along CorelDRAW worksheets right inside your Corel! Start with “A – Your Goals” and end with “Z – Certified” in which you’ll schedule a live test with CorelTrainer to complete your learning curve. Then interactively access all additional Membership benefits! Direct link, from inside your Corel, to all CorelTrainer’s Beginner, Intermediate, and Live Courses! Work right from your computer, right at home, as if you’re sitting Live in one of our Classes from ISS/Impressions Expos, NBM Shows, or DAX Trade-show events… Continue your learning with Advanced classes (right from inside your Corel) and a special “Contact Trainer” to request extra help, “Anytime Anything Answers”…

Corel Trainer plug-in© software also includes the Corel Trainer Workspace (CDGS2019) including recommended shortcuts, buttons, updates, palettes, and view options optimizing your Corel for Imprint Industry Designing.

Compatability: Software is designed for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019, & has a 100% success rate when installed into versions; X7, X8, 2017, & 2018 !

“Certification” can be exchanged for a Live One-on-One class online with CorelTrainer.

Corel Trainer plug-in software is FREE with your A to Z Certification Membership. Coupon Code: FreeCTplug1n

List of Class Topics:

A Your Goals

B Understand Corel

C Menus

D Tools

E Property Bar

F Colors Groups Layers

G Import Export Save Publish

H Intelligent vs Curved

I Self Test 1

J Crop Knife Erase

K Clipart

L Shaping

M Shape Tool

N Mouse

O Text

P Smart Fill

Q Find & Replace

R Searching Online

S Tracing 1

T Capture

U Self Test 2

V Business

W Samples Proposals

X Digital Impressing

Y Tracing 2

Z Certified

Become a Certification Level Member today, and Learn Corel Inside Corel !

Software designed for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite version 2019. *Successful testing on versions X7, X8, 2017, & 2018.

Questions? / 602.319.3503

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