Corel Trainer 2.3.0 plug-in© software

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Learn Corel Inside Corel ! REQUIRES A to Z Membership

Corel Trainer plug-in© software walks you, or anyone in your company, through a simple Imprint Industry Corel education.

  • New SmART Search initiates a massively filtered Internet Clipart Search from Inside your Corel, resulting in near Infinite results
  • New Tracing 1 2 3 Classes simply walk you through the steps needed to convert any digital image into quality vector
  • Find 100’s of Industry Specific Answers via Short & Long-form Training Videos, Including *Shorts INDEX 4-minute Videos *Recorded Trade-show classes…
  • Great Dane Graphics Samples & Examples
  • Anytime Support from inside your Corel, or via Phone, SMS, Email…

This software is included for only $500 with an AtoZ Membership. Windows OS only.

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  • AtoZ Membership (with plug-in Software) - $49.00

REQUIRES AtoZ Membership -Currently just $500 w/ sign-up. (download after checkout)

*NEW SmART Search. Find infinite clipart results from inside your Corel. Easily drag them into your CorelDRAW, then move to production!

*NEW Tracing 1 2 3 category of classes. Make any digital image into a quality (within reason) vector result with these steps.

*NEW version22 Shorts VIDEO classes. 4-minute video answers to all your Corel questions. Ask our Artificial Intelligence a Corel question for a quick video answer, longer class, Beginner, Intermediate, or Live video...

*Great Dane Graphics Samples & Examples

Our proven A to Z training series will teach you CorelDRAW, step-by-step with these 26 classes. Built inside your Corel with organized instructions, everyone in your business will become "more than a beginner" with this adult-learning course. Use the exact art used in each tutorial video & walk through the Outline inside your CorelDRAW with Corel Trainer. Watch each class multiple times, and follow-along with every learning step, every graphic... Ask questions & find 100's more Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Shorts & Live Corel classes or topics to solve any problem. All the Live recorded classes Corel Trainer teaches are right inside YOUR CorelDRAW! Start with A, B, & C – Your Goals, Understand, & Menus... eventually working to Z – where Corel Trainer will test you, or your employee with a live walk-through "Personal Training" online class to absolutely make sure you (or they) are "beyond a beginner" in Corel.

Sit live in one of our Classes from ISS/Impressions Expos, NBM/Graphics Pro Shows, NPS/PAPX, ASI, PPAI, APA, or DAX Trade-show events and more! Continue your learning with Advanced classes (right from inside your Corel) plus ask Corel Trainer a question ANYTIME for extra help.

*Corel Trainer plug-in© software also includes the Corel Trainer Workspace (Corel versions 2019, 2020, & 2021) automatically setting shortcuts, buttons, updates, palettes, dockers, and view options massively optimizing your CorelDRAW for Imprint Industry & your Learning Curve! Compatibility: Software is designed for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 & 2020. We have had a 100% success rate (March 2021) installing into CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (GS) versions; X7, X8, 2017, 2018 & 2021 as well!

“Certification” can be exchanged for a Personal Training class anytime. Corel Trainer plug-in software is FREE with your A to Z Membership.

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List of A to Z Class Topics: A Your Goals B Understand Corel C Menus D Tools E Property Bar F Colors Groups Layers G Import Export Save Publish H Intelligent vs Curved I Self Test 1 J Crop Knife Erase K Clipart L Shaping M Shape Tool N Mouse O Text P Smart Fill Q Find & Replace R Searching Online S Tracing 1 T Capture U Self Test 2 V Business W Samples Proposals X Digital Impressing Y Tracing 2 Z Certified

Corel now has a Mac version. Our software is NOT Mac compatible. Though many of our topics, instructions, and courses relate closely to both versions, there are enough un-available functions that Corel Trainer does not recommend it. *we are happy to help guide members to more versatile Microsoft operating systems. Become an A-Z Level Member today, and Learn Corel Inside Corel ! Questions:  /  602.319.3503