Corel Trainer plug-in© software 2.0


Learn Corel Inside Corel! REQUIRES A to Z Membership

Corel Trainer plug-in© software walks you through 26 A to Z step-by-step courses designed specifically for Imprint Industry Corel education. Follow-along with each training step right inside your Corel with the exact art & instructions from every video.

*New Google A.I. Searches 100’s of topics including the *New 4-minute Shorts VIDEOS to expand your knowledge while you work. Ask questions ANYTIME inside your Corel… attend live recorded classes from ISS, NBM, Impressions, DAX… This software is included FREE with A-Z  Level membership

Windows OS only.

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REQUIRES A to Z Membership FREE w/ A-Z Membership. *Purchase the A-Z Membership to get this software at no charge (download after checkout).

*NEW with 2.0: Shorts VIDEOS. 4-minute video answers to all your Corel questions. Watch a ‘Shorts’ answer while working in Corel, plus choose a longer Beginner, Intermediate, or Live video…

*NEW with 2.0: Enhanced Google Search. Find 4-minute answers, Beginner classes, Intermediate level solutions, Advanced courses, Worksheets, Periodicals, Follow-along files etc… all from right inside your Corel Trainer Search Option INSIDE your CorelDRAW. Google A.I. technology enhances & learns from your search inquiry & questions to present you with the Answers your Need to LEARN COREL INSIDE COREL…

Our proven A to Z training series will teach you CorelDRAW, step-by-step with these 26 classes. Built inside your Corel with organized instructions, everyone in your business will become “more than a beginner” with this adult-learning course. Use the exact art used in each tutorial video & walk through the Outline inside your CorelDRAW with Corel Trainer. Watch each class multiple times, and follow-along with every learning step, every graphic… Ask questions & find 100’s more Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Corel classes & topics. All the Live recorded classes Corel Trainer teaches are right inside YOUR CorelDRAW! Start with A, B, & C – Your Goals, Understand, & Menus… eventually working to Z – where Corel Trainer will test you, or your employee with a live walk-through “Personal Training” online class to absolutely make sure you (or they) are “beyond a beginner” in Corel.

Sit live in one of our Classes from ISS/Impressions Expos, NBM Shows, NPS, or DAX Trade-show events and more! Continue your learning with Advanced classes (right from inside your Corel) plus ask Corel Trainer a question ANYTIME for extra help.

*Corel Trainer plug-in© software also includes the Corel Trainer Workspace (Corel versions 2019, 2020, & 2021) automatically setting shortcuts, buttons, updates, palettes, dockers, and view options massively optimizing your CorelDRAW for Imprint Industry & your Learning Curve! Compatibility: Software is designed for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 & 2020. We have had a 100% success rate (March 2021) installing into CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (GS) versions; X7, X8, 2017, 2018 & 2021 as well!

“Certification” can be exchanged for a Personal Training class anytime. Corel Trainer plug-in software is FREE with your A to Z Membership.

This product will add to your shopping cart automatically with AtoZ Membership purchase.

List of A to Z Class Topics: A Your Goals B Understand Corel C Menus D Tools E Property Bar F Colors Groups Layers G Import Export Save Publish H Intelligent vs Curved I Self Test 1 J Crop Knife Erase K Clipart L Shaping M Shape Tool N Mouse O Text P Smart Fill Q Find & Replace R Searching Online S Tracing 1 T Capture U Self Test 2 V Business W Samples Proposals X Digital Impressing Y Tracing 2 Z Certified

Corel now has a Mac version. Our software is NOT Mac compatible. Though many of our topics, instructions, and courses relate closely to both versions, there are enough un-available functions that Corel Trainer does not recommend it. *we are happy to help guide members to more versatile Microsoft operating systems. Become an A-Z Level Member today, and Learn Corel Inside Corel ! Questions:  /  602.319.3503

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