Online Membership


  • NEW Shorts INDEX 4-minute Topic Videos
  • New Live recorded Trade-show Classes
  • Real Support via Phone, Email or Text SMS
  • Hundreds of Beginner & Intermediate+ Classes
  • Download walk-through Worksheets to follow-along

This training system will teach you, or your employee, the design & editing skills necessary to be real CorelDRAW user. Become “more than a beginner” with Step-by-step learning classes! Imprint Industry specific learning! *this item does not include the plug-in software.


Relevant for CorelDRAW x7, x8, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, & version 2021.5 !

note. Corel Trainer plug-in© software not included with this Membership

  • New Shorts INDEX. 4-minute answer videos from Inside your Corel
  • Walk-through our methodical training program classes
    • learn specific tools, functions, and the steps necessary to become an “Imprint Industry Designer”
    • become "more than a beginner" with relevant Print-Shop focused topics & easy to follow classes
  • This program is precisely tailored to the CorelDRAW steps you, and they, need to apply as Imprinters.
  • Plenty of Continued Intermediate & Advanced learning options after beginner level
  • As an Online Member, reach out for Support Anytime via call text or email...

This is real education & support when you need it! Ensure that you're getting the most out of your business! Education is key!


  • After you or your employee finishes the final course, Z, schedule One-hour Personal Training time. We'll ensure that you, or they, completely understand Corel system(s) well-enough to assist "beyond a beginner" level in your shop! We call this our “certification”.
  • Online Level Membership (included): Live recorded trade-show classes (DAX, ISS, NBM, Impressions, ASI...), hundreds of hours of additional training courses, classes, webinars, periodicals, support, and discounts on additional training products/services.


  • note: Personal Training time or your 'Certification' test can be substituted for an additional One-on-One Training hour with Corel Trainer. Though Anytime support is always available, this time is for walking completely through a project or two with Corel Trainer...

$39 monthly. Sign-up for only $999 (one time fee), no contract/term. Questions: / 602-319-3503