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  • Google Search for Answers
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This program is designed to teach you all the necessary design, edit, and manipulation skills necessary to be “more than a beginner” in Corel. Production processes, node editing, digital, vector, tracing, etc. Anytime support via phone, email, text, or from inside your Corel included…

*Includes the Corel Trainer plug-in© software (a $999 value) FREE! No contract or commitment term.

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  • Corel Trainer plug-in© software 2.0

*New Shorts INDEX. 4-minute answer videos from Inside your Corel using Google search technology to find the answers you need...!

ONLY $999 sign-up & Trainer 2.0 Free !

Access all online member benefits from INSIDE your Corel with the Corel Trainer plug-in© software 2.0 version! Walk-through our methodical training program from A to Z learning the specific tools, functions, and steps necessary to become a viable designer in your production shop. This program is precisely tailored to the steps in Corel you need to understand and apply as an Imprinter. As a complete new-be, or a seasoned Corel user, you or your employee will start with establishing your Goals, A. Fallowing the exact art used in each video, pausing and reviewing when necessary, using and producing as you advance through the worksheets Developing skills through two 'Self Tests' I & U, and learning design techniques specifically relevant to your in-house & outsourced production processes, R through Y. Node editing, graphic altering, searching, creating, and business building specifics will be covered in great detail. As a Member, reach out for Anytime Answers from right inside your Corel, or call or text if you-all prefer... This is real education when you need it, to ensure that all your education on topic, relevant, & on-point!

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After you or your employee finishes the final course, Z, schedule One-hour Personal Training time with Corel Trainer. We'll ensure that you, or they, completely understand the Corel system well-enough to assist "beyond a beginner" level in your shop!

All CorelTrainer Online Membership training content is included: Live recorded trade-show classes (DAX, ISS, NBM, Impressions, ASI...), hundreds of hours of additional training courses, classes, webinars, periodicals, support, and discounts on additional training products/services.

note: Personal Training time or your 'Certification' test can be substituted for an additional One-on-One Training hour with Corel Trainer. Though Anytime support is always available, this time is ideal for walking through a couple of projects with Corel Trainer...

*Purchase today and Receive free upgrade to the 2.0 version of Corel Trainer plug-in© software for FREE! Software designed for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite versions 2020 & 2019 though 100% successful testing on Corel versions 2018, 2017, X8, & X7 also. Download the Corel Trainer plug--in© software after you checkout (or email: Sales@CorelTrainer.com)

Learning Corel from right inside your Corel ensures your education & success! This program will load all of your A to Z Membership courses right inside your Corel software. Watch tutorial videos, open follow-along worksheets, initiate exclusive member support, and access all the additional training your membership awards. This is the second release of our software and is may be considered in 'beta'. For a limited time, get the software plug-in is at no cost when you purchase this "A to Z Level Membership".

No contract or commitment term.