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All Online Membership Benefits INSIDE your Corel plus A to Z learning Guide…! And get your Imprinter Certification! Walk-through and learn the exact twenty-six steps to become a viable CorelDRAW user for the Imprint Industry. This program is designed to teach you all the necessary design, edit, and manipulation techniques necessary to be more than a ‘beginner’ in Corel. Production processes, node editing, tracing, etc. Complete with self-tests, Anytime support, and a final live One-on-One Certification test with CorelTrainer.

*Includes the Corel Trainer plug-in© software (a $999 value) FREE! No contract or commitment term.

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Access all online member benefits from INSIDE your Corel, plus get certified by CorelTrainer.com as an Imprint Industry Designer. Walk-through our methodical training program from A to Z learning the specific tools, functions, and steps necessary to become a viable designer in your production shop. This program is precisely tailored to the steps in Corel you need to understand and apply as an Imprinter. As a complete new-be, or a seasoned Corel user, you'll start with establishing your Goals, A. You (or your employee) will use CorelDraw files & worksheets to follow-along with each video tutorial to "Understand Corel" B through H. Develop skills through "Self Tests" I & U, and learn design techniques relevant to your in-house & outsourced production processes, R through Y. Node editing, graphic altering, searching, creating, and business building specifics will be covered in great detail. As a Member, reach out to our Anytime Anything Answers support if you get stuck. This is real education when you need it, to ensure that your training is time well spent!

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This Certification program is ideal for any and every Imprint Company worker, owner, or employee. Two courses on Bitmap to Vector Tracing, several include mandatory business concepts for a successful shop. Every course / letter is tailored specific to the daily Corel, computer, and design issues we face. Ensure that any, or every member of your shop is no longer a "beginner" in CorelDRAW. Each certification purchase includes One (1) "Certified" class with Clay. An actual live test, One-on-One Online, where we'll put your knowledge up to our standards for being an *Imprint Industry Designer. Upon completion of the final test Z, you will be registered (forever) in our database as being a proficient user, certified to accomplish more than any beginner, and likely more than most 'professional' artists in our industry.

This level of membership includes all CorelTrainer Membership training content, including live recorded classes from around North America, plus Reserved 26 (A to Z) content. Exclusive to A to Z Certification Level Members is direct access to Anytime Anything Support through/inside Corel itself. Your membership will continue with access to hundreds of hours of additional training courses, classes, webinars, periodicals, AAA support, and discounts on additional training products/services.

note: One-on-One 'Certification' test can be substituted for an additional One-on-One Training hour with Corel Trainer.

*Purchase today and ReceiveThe Corel Trainer plug-in© software for FREE! Software designed for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite version 2019. (*successful testing on versions 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, X8, & X7) Download the Corel Trainer plug--in© software after you checkout (or just email: ClayB@CorelTrainer.com)

Learn Corel right inside Corel! This program will load all of your A to Z Membership courses right inside your Corel software. Watch tutorial videos, open follow-along worksheets, initiate exclusive AAA member support, and access all the additional training your membership awards, while working directly in Corel. This is the first release of our software and is considered in 'beta'. For a limited time, get the software plug-in is at no cost when you purchase this "A to Z Certification Level Membership".

No contract or commitment term.