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Your purchase of equipment through The Magic Touch U.S.A. gets you CorelTRAINER sign-up for free! It’s just a monthly membership for: Hundreds of Training Videos, Live Trade-show classes, 4-minute Shorts Vids, & the help with artwork you need!


$999, $0 / only $49/month for you!

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Hey there Magic Touch clients! Equipment companies understand how important Your Art Skills are, so they’ve set up your membership with us! We specialize in teaching CorelDRAW specifically for the imprint industry! This page initiates your access for a very special $0 sign-up! The Training & Support you need to get the most out of your awesome printer is right around the corner… As you become a member with CorelTRAINER, you’ll be able to access hundreds of short & long-form classes. Search in the upper right any key-word, or jump to categories & work through your Beginner, Intermediate, & Live classes… Look through the “Training Resources” tab. Your “basic” level membership comes with support through: , pretty much anytime! Know that there are upper levels to CorelTRAINER that you may be interested in later, but first lets get you started with the graphics help that you NEED. Making sure you get the most out of your awesome new equipment from The Magic Touch is what we’re all about! -Clay Barbera, Education Director

Want or need a new CorelDRAW license? We’ve got you covered! Get a 2023 ‘forever’ / PErpetual license for just 249 bux!

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