$300+ Off for Lawson Clients

$300+ off for Lawson clients!

Lawson has teamed up with us to offer you an exclusive opportunity! Become a Corel Trainer AtoZ Member with 30% off !  CorelTrainer.com is your dedicated Support & Training resource, Specifically ‘designed’ for YOUR Imprint business.

Corel Trainer will provide all your design support, making sure you’re getting the most out of all your print-capabilities. Lawson knows that the more you get out of your CorelDRAW, the more successful your business will be!



Download & install the Corel Trainer plug-in© software (compatible with Corel versions x7 & newer), then use Corel Trainer to teach everyone in your business quality Corel skills.

We recommend starting with the A to Z classes, & use the Shorts Index videos to compliment your learning curve. Search for video answers & reach out to us with questions…


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Questions? Sales@CorelTrainer.com  /  602-319-3503


Learn Corel Inside Corel w/ Trainer 2.0 plug-in software (AtoZ level)

Professional Educators, Teaching Thousands.

Real Support via Text, Phone, Email, *inside Corel.

Hundreds of Videos to learn from!

New Shorts Videos & Trade-show Classes Monthly+.